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T h e r e !


PHOTO CREDIT: Kendra Morgan Photography

 I have been photographing babies and families since 2009 and love every moment of it.  As a mom, I truly know the importance of capturing every fleeting moment of our lives.  It starts with newborns, so fresh and new by documenting every detail that surrounds them, all the way to extended families by capturing generations in one portrait to cherish for many years. I am very passionate about my work I do and what I deliver to my clients.  Every part of my job is a true blessing because I get to do what I love, which is connecting with my clients on such a personal level and creating images that will be displayed and cherished for years to come.

A few things about me...

   - I have three awesome and very active kids who my world revolves around

   - My husband is my rock and keeps me grounded

   - Breakfast is my favorite meal. Like, for every meal.

   - My favorite band is NKOTB...of course.

   - I am not a huge morning person, so coffee is required to start my day ;)

   - I have been a youth soccer coach for 8 years and will soon be coaching middle school volleyball

   - Our family dog is Ruby the Cockapoo. She's lazy, affectionate, and the best dog ever!

   - I am definitely a people pleaser by nature.  I like when everyone is happy (especially my clients)!

   - I find the fun in working with kids. Some think it's weird when I start my session by mostly talking with the

     kids (especially the younger ones). I want them to have fun and that starts with trusting the stranger with 

     the camera in their faces!

I truly appreciate you taking your time to check out Flaherty Photography.  I look forward to working with you.  If you are interested in booking a session with me, please send me a message by clicking the INQUIRE tab.


PHOTO CREDIT: Kendra Morgan Photography