Fine Art School Photography

The fine art school portrait program by Flaherty Photography is an alternative approach to traditional school photography.  There's no saying "Cheese" here!  Your child will get more than 10 seconds of one-on-one time to get comfortable, tell a few jokes and get those genuine smiles or smirks.  A black or dark dray background will be used for these sessions.  NO BRIGHTLY COLORED BACKDROPS OR GREEN SCREENS HERE!  I want your child/children to be the focus of the picture that ultimately ends with beautiful works of art that you will be proud to hang on your wall.

A little about the process...

Flaherty Photography offers parents/guardians a more custom and candid option to school pictures than your average portrait provider. The Fine Art School Program is open to private, public and home schools as well as daycare facilities.  Your child will have their true and beautiful personality captured during their photo time.  Every child will have their picture taken, there's no obligation to purchase from the parents.  Each student will end up with 2-5 images within their class gallery, giving parents a few options to choose from, not just one. Therefore, a re-take day is not necessary (although this can be decided if needed by the principal, but never required).

What is needed from the school...

Flaherty Photography only needs a few things to get started, including class rosters provided in a CSV excel file format, daily classroom schedule, a map of the school and any special instructions or sensitive information that you think might be pertinent.  If the school uses a mass email system to notify parents, I would love to take advantage of that once or twice during the process to remind and encourage participation in the program.  If anything else comes up, I will keep in contact with the school to communicate those needs with you.

What services are offered...

I am a completely 100% online operation.  There are no upfront order forms or handling of money on the day of.  Each family will be linked to a password protected online gallery when all the images are finished.  Each child will have 2-5 images each, and I can accommodate sibling groups (which would need to be worked out prior to ensure they are all done on the same day).  Galleries are individually set up for each family privately.  I will provide a detailed PDF that the school can email out to all families so they can start deciding what they would like to order ahead of time.

        * All orders will be delivered directly to the school to be distributed.

        * If you purchase any larger wall prints, you will have the option to have them mailed directly to your home for an

           additional shipping charge.  This helps not putting your child in charge of carrying it home.

        * I provide all equipment needed for photo day.  I may also see about having a few parent volunteers to help out with kids the

           day of.

        * I provide the school with high resolution images of all files to be used for the yearbook, website, advertising or however the

           school sees fit.

        * All staff/faculty members will have their picture taken too free of charge.  Each staff/faculty member will receive a 5x7 print free of              charge.  

        * I offer service items for the school such as student and teacher ID cards, class composites and service stickers at an additional

           charge to the school.

Where do you take pictures...
I prefer a room with a big natural light window, but if there's not an adequate window, I have studio lights I will bring.  My setup doesn't take up a lot of space, just somewhere within the main building.

When will the picture day take place...

I will work closely with each school or center to find the best time during the academic school year.

How long does the whole process take...

From the last day pictures are taken at your school, your families will have their online galleries within 2-3 weeks.  I completely respect everyone's privacy, and all galleries are hidden so they can not be web searchable, and each family will receive a private log in to their child's folder so other parents can not see other children's pictures.  The galleries will be live for 7 days, from which all orders are due.  Once orders are complete, you can expect to receive your prints within 3-4 weeks.

What is the cost for families...

All items I offer are a la carte to allow families to order only what they want or need.  Prints start at $5.00 and digital downloads start at $20.00 each.  All digital orders will be emailed directly after checkout. These are to be downloaded to a specified folder and backups of all digital files are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  ALL orders will require a $15 minimum for a single child or a $30 minimum on any families with 2 or more children (prior to any shipping or taxes), and are subject to a 6% Iowa sales tax rate per order.

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