My studio is getting a remodel and some addition space.  I should be able to back up and working within 2-3 weeks.  Please check out some progress pictures and videos on my FACEBOOK page!  Thank you!


Newborn / Baby Studio

My home studio is primarily used for newborn and baby sessions. It's the perfect size for parents and baby. I will be working more on making it look pretty over this year by expanding it toward the back which will give it about 7 more feet to the back and more room to move around.  Being this is a quaint studio, there's not a lot of room to bring extra on-lookers.  There is comfortable seating for the parents, I typically bring out a water/snack bowl before each session to ensure that mom/dad stay hydrated and some light snacks just in case.


My shelf on the side houses all my extra batteries, bulbs for my studio lights, and all the backdrops and blankets.

I have newborn girl headbands to choose from by the seating area, and I will be adding more handmade items to the collection soon.  I like to keep everything simple and not use a lot of props.  Your baby is perfect and beautiful just the way they are, and I like to keep them the main focus of the image.  This is why I use whites, creams and blacks for my backdrop blankets, then we can add a headband or a simple hat if needed.


I always invite mom/dad to bring along any special prop that they would like incorporated into an image.  Whether that's a special blanket or toy, if it means something to you, let's capture it in an image for you to have forever.  All I ask is you let me know ahead of time, so I can plan your session accordingly.

Be sure to bring extra milk for baby, a pacifier for soothing, some extra diapers and wipes, and possible a shirt change for you too.  Sometimes there are potty accidents while we are holding baby.  I like to keep the studio around 85 degrees during your newborn session.  They like to stay nice and warm, which sometimes, is too warm for us.  Dress in layers, bring some water, and be ready to sweat a little!